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Additional Information of Interest

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Adaptive P.E. Advice 
Adaptive P.E. Website
Asthma Advice - Tools for Asthma Management
CA Nutrition & Physical Activity Expectations by Grade - 2008
Classroom curriculum for nutrition and fitness
Fitness Equipment for Kids Websites 
Go Girl Go National Program Support
Governor's Challenge - CalGovCouncil.org
Physical Education Framework for California
Recommended Books and References
Recommended TV Shows
Sample Expectations by School Grade
Tips for Children with Disabilities
Tips for including Children with Disabilities
Tri-County Guide to Locations for Activities
URBAN FUEL Nutritional Curriculum
USATF Be A Champion pledge
Walking or Running School Bus or Car Pool
Adaptive P.E. Advice

Allan Stanbridge is the Adapted Physical Education Coordinator for the San Mateo Union High School District, as well as an excellent competitive masters (over 40) runner. Allan offers the following information.

In most school districts virtually all of the children with special needs are provided with Adapted Physical Education services through their schools, as part of their Individualized Educational Plans. The Adaptive P.E. Specialist in your school or district would be glad to provide information about individual students that would assist the regular teacher in developing a successful program for the student. This would include appropriate activities that would fit into the JUST RUN program. JUST RUN leaders should seek assistance and advice from the A.P.E. specialists as a first step. MORE>>

Adaptive P.E.Website

To visit a great website for all sorts of information on Adaptive P.E. click HERE. If you want to learn more about how to provide activities for children with special needs then take a look.

Asthma advice - tools for asthma management

Signs and symptoms of asthma vary from person to person. It is very important to identify each person’s signs and symptoms, which can include:
· Wheezing
· Shortness of breath
· Tightness in the chest
· Persistent dry cough
· Coughing or shortness of breath with physical activity
· Itchy, tingly throat or chin

A trigger is any factor that can irritate the lungs and lead to an asthma episode. Not all triggers affect people in the same way. Some common triggers include:
· Animal dander from skin hair or feathers
· Pests - house dust mites found in bedding, blankets and stuffed animals, cockroaches
· Pollens - from plants, grass or trees
· Molds
· Air quality - cigarette or wood smoke, air pollution
· Chemical irritants - perfumes, cleaning solvents, paint
· Seasonal changes: weather change, cold air, upper respiratory infections
· Strong emotional reactions
· Exercise

Asthma episodes can be mild to life threatening. An attack...  MORE>>

CA Nutrition and Physical Activity Expectations by Grade - 2008
CA Health Content Standards

for Nutrition and Physical Activity, Grades k-12
Adopted March 12, 2008 (Publish date TBA)

Nutrition and Physical Activity

[these standards hold for grade 1 as well]
As a result of health instruction in kindergarten, all students will demonstrate the ability to:

Standard 1:Essential Concepts

K.1.N.1 -Name a variety of healthy foods and explain why they are necessary for good health.

K.1.N.2 -Identify a variety of healthy snacks.

K.1.N.3 -Describe the benefits of being physically active.

K.1.N.4 -Recognize the importance of a healthy breakfast.

Standard 2:Analyzing Influences

K.2.N.5 -Recognize that not all products advertised or sold are good for them.

Standard 3:Accessing Valid Information

No standard statement for this grade and content area.

Standard 4: Interpersonal Communication

K.4.N.6 - Explain how to ask family members for healthy food options.

Standard 5: Decision Making

K.5.N.7- Describe ways to participate regularly in active play and enjoyable physical activity.

Standard 6: Goal Setting

No standard statement for this grade and content area

Standard 7: Practicing Health-Enhancing Behaviors

K.7.N.8 -Select nutritious snacks.
K.7.N.9 -Plan a nutritious breakfast.
K.7.N.10 -Choose healthy foods in a variety of settings

Standard 8: Health Promotion

No standard statement for this grade and content area. MORE>>

Classroom curriculum for nutrition and fitness

For excellent classroom curriculum for nutrition and fitness go to Dr. David Katz's website davidkatzmd.com

For Nutrition click on Nutrition Detectives and you can download superb material that teaches kids to make healthy food choices.

For physical activity in the classroom click on ABC for Fitness and you can download unique and excellent material that shows how to provide "activity bursts in the classroom". An excellent way of accumulating 30 to 60 minutes per day of activity by short bursts of activity in every classroom.

Fitness Equipment for Kids Website

There are a few companies now that expressly make fitness equipment geared to children of various ages.  If you are interested in this type of equipment for your school or youth organization take a look at the following websites:

www.leapsandbounds.com This company has several fitness equipment items made especially for kids.  Type in the key word "exercise" when at the website.  Some examples are an air walker, kids first dumbbell weight sets, exercise bikes, balance balls, etc.

www.kickstartfintess4kids.com  This company has several fitness equipment items made especially for kids.  You can outfit your school gym from this site.  Some examples are a circuit trainer, weights, and other fitness center equipment.

Go Girl Go national program support

JUST RUN supports and can be done in conjunction with the National Program of the Women's Sports Foundation called Go Girl Go. We have program material that you can use to start the program. Also go to the website www.gogirlgo.com for more information.

GO GIRL GO is a unique education program that uses four Go Girl characters and champion athletes to educate girls about being physically active and avoiding health-risk behaviors. It is designed to be presented by adult leaders in a sport environment. The program features true-life stories and life lessons from champion female athletes like Mia Hamm.

All program material is free and comes with a Guide to Life, a Scrapbook, and comprehensive instruction guides for group leaders and parents. There are two programs - one for third to eighth grade girls, and one for high school girls.

The more active a girl is now, the more active she will be as an adult. That means a healthier heart, stronger bones, less chance of cancer and...  MORE>>

Governor's Challenge - calgovcouncil.org

Starting in February 2007, the Governor's Challenge, asks California 1st through 12th grade students to exercise a minimum of 30 to 60 minutes 3 days a week for a four week period. Schools can take on the fitness challenge by entereing at the website www.calgovcouncil.org Schools can win substantial monetary awards including a $100,000 new fitness center based on participation rates at competeing schools.

The JUST RUN program, OF COURSE, meets the requirements of this Governor's Challenge and we support the program fully. Do JUST RUN and enter the Governor's Challenge to get fit and earn money for your school.

Physical education framework for California

California kindergarten through 12th grade physical education framework recognizes that the sedentary lifestyle is dangerous to children's health. Alarming numbers of children, with and without adult supervision, can be found in front of televisions or computers munching on snack foods. Recreation and activity are lacking.

The historical outcome of physical education in schools has been to emphasize competition, games, sports, and focus on natural athletic ability, causing most students to drop off and dislike physical education and activity. The purpose of the school based physical education programs and that of the JUST RUN program is to involve everyone and help each student recognize that running and activity are important to overall health and well being throughout life.

There is a direct link between physical well being and academic learning. The healthy, physically active child is more likely to be academically motivated, alert, and successful. Physical activity helps...  MORE>>

Recommended books and references

Seven books and references we have found excellent are:

FIT KIDS - SMARTER KIDS by Jeff Galloway
An outstanding new book by the best selling author and top authority on running and fitness. "It is a guide for parents, teachers, youth leaders and anyone who wants to enhance the life of a child by introducing him or her to enjoyable exercise." Oxford: Meyer & Meyer Sport (UK) Ltd. 2007


A children's journal and information book

KIDS RUNNING:  Have Fun, Get Faster & Go Further By Carol Goodrow
Kids Running tells you all you need to know about this wonderful sport - written just for kids.

KID SHAPE - A practical prescription for helping your child...lose weight, increase self esteem, establish healthy eating habits, and have a more active lifestyle.
By Naomi Neufeld, MD, FACE. 2003 Published by Rutledge Hill Press.

FIT KIDS - the complete shape-up program from birth through High School. By Kenneth Cooper, M.D. 1999...  MORE>>

Recommended TV shows

Several newer TV shows are taking up the battle against youth obesity. Mostly they are for pre-schoolers and younger aged children. They are designed to get the kids up and moving interactively with the TV characters.

PBS has Boohbah.
Nickelodean has Lazy Town and The Backyardigans.
Disney Channel has JoJo's Circus.

Sample expectations by school grade

Use these JUST RUN and California guidelines for activities based on grade level

2nd Grade:
1. Only run 1/4 mile at a time without breaks
2. Should be able to move backwards and change directions quickly and safely without falling
3. Should be able to jump and land using just one or both feet
4. Should be able to throw a ball hard both overhand, underhand, and sideways
5. Jump rope that is self turned
6. Skip, hop, gallop, slide.

3rd grade:
1. Only run 1/2 mile at a time without breaks.
2. Should be able to dribble a ball with both hands and feet.
3. Should be able to play and assist others in activities involving up to 5 people.
4. Will begin to accept challenges and feel success or failure from activities.
5. Can work on flexibility and stretching.
6. Can spontaneously create their own movement drills.

Grade 4:
1. Only run 1 mile continuously without breaks.
2. Can hand or foot dribble while moving in a group.
3. Jump and land for height or distance.
4....  MORE>>

Tips for children with disabilities

Marie Edgemon, Adaptive P.E specialist, advises that there are a large variety of different disabilities and the child's physician approval and the parents approval should be required before inclusion in the program. The parents should be consulted whenever possible and their guidance be used. The parent or guardian will be your best source of information about their child's particular needs.

General tips are to provide an alternate activity for a child that cannot participate in a particular drill or game. Obstacle courses that can be done on pavement involving navigating cones or other obstacles that can be "gone around" rather than over are certainly possible.

Ask a child, prior to assisting, if they would like help in an area they may be struggling.

Consult with or include the Adaptive P.E. specialist when possible.

Providing a fairly level surface for activities will insure more active participation.

Be aware of weather or particular heat related issues as they...  MORE>>

Tips for including children with disabilities

Integration of Students With Disabilities Into JUST RUN

Kevin Casey, one of our JUST RUN CSUMB student interns suggests the following:
Quality physical education should be available to all children. Physical education can lay a foundation of a healthy lifestyle, and lead to skills and practices that can last a lifetime. Some leaders in the JUST RUN program may have students with disabilities that you want to integrate into your program and give them needed physical education activities and experiences.
Depending on the nature and severity of the disability, innovative and imaginative adaptations can be made to allow the disabled child to participate. Certainly doing JUST DEEDS and eating nutritionally are two cornerstones of the program that can be done by disability students you may have in your program.
Feeling good about yourself and developing pride are qualities which everyone is entitled to and these feelings can be fostered in everyone in the program....  MORE>>

Tri-County guide to locations for activities

JUST RUN thanks Adam Duker of the Monterey County Health Department - Project LEAN - for this useful guide.

Intentions of guide
The purpose of this guide is to provide the residents of Monterey, San Benito, and Santa Cruz counties with information about physical activity opportunities. Our intention is to encourage the use of these locations to reduce the number of overweight and obese residents in the tri-county region. Whether it is through intense bodybuilding at the gym or playing horseshoes with friends, the goal is to get motivated and physically active.

How to use the guide
This guide provides you with the locations and contact numbers of physical activity sites in Monterey, San Benito, and Santa Cruz counties. Information regarding hours and fees are subject to change so please call the locations before you travel. Locations are listed alphabetically by county and then by city. The last section of this guide lists locations by specific activities.

Note: If you...  MORE>>

URBAN FUEL nutritional curriculum

UrbanFUEL (Food for Ultimate Energy and Living) is a collaborative initiative between the New York Roadrunners Foundation and New York University's Department of Nutrition, Food Studies, and Public Health. The purpose of UrbanFUEL is to educate children about how eating impacts their energy, growth, performance, and wellness and how to make healthful eating a part of everyday life.

The UrbanFUEL curriculum is delivered through a series of kid-friendly interactive workshops that lead participants to consider their eating habits and to understand how they can improve their lives by taking simple steps to a more nutritious diet. There is also a curriculum for participant's parents as their involvement is critical to changing the eating habits of our youth.

The UrbanFUEL workshop is a 45 minute nutrition workshop for kids. Workshops are usually facilitated by an official UrbanFUEL instructor. The overarching goal of UrbanFUEL is to help every child served by the Foundation make...  MORE>>


The United States Track and Field Association is developing its own youth fitness program and has published this pledge for young people. It is called the BE A CHAMPION pledge.

I COMMIT to being physically fit,
and I will lead a HEALTHY lifestyle.

I will have a positive ATTITUDE,
and through strong MOTIVATION,
I will work hard and take PRIDE
in everything I say and do.

I will stay in school, because INTELLIGENCE is power,
and strive to OVERCOME the adversity I will face, and
I will be honest and drug-free, knowing cheaters NEVER win.

I am a Champion!

Walking or running school bus or carpool
If your children live close enough to school try to have their parents start a walking or running school bus or car pool.

This means one parent starts the car pool or bus and walks or runs with their child to the next persons house on the way to school. Each child (and their parents can go to) then comes out from their house and joins the running/walking bus until you get to school.

You can do this on the way home too.

This is a great way to exercise and add miles for Just Run across the USA. Also a great way for friends to meet and talk and run together with their parents.

Tell your parents to start a Walking/Running school bus now.