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Sample Warm Up Drills

It is very important to warm up the body before running or walking or doing any sports activity. Here are some sample warm up drills:
Remember - no bouncing without warming up first.
1. Reach for the Stars - Stand straight and tall and reach as high as you can 5 times with each arm.
2. Sunflower - form a sunflower (circle) with arms over head and open and bend like a squat while reaching for the ground - then back up again - 5 times.
3. Volcano - make whooshing sounds as you bend down and reach for the ground - then stand up straight and tall and reach for the sky.
4. Shake it up - Shake the hands and feet at the same time for a minute.
5. Gentle Jumping Jacks - Jump gently with feet apart and hands reaching over head.
6. High Knee Running in place - Start slowly then move legs faster and higher while running in place.