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Just Taste & Just Deeds


JUST TASTE was developed by the JUST RUN® youth fitness program to introduce children to a wide variety of healthy foods in either a school or home setting. Exercise and eating well go hand in hand! Studies have shown that one of the best ways to improve diet is by expanding nutritional food choices and by exposing children to a wide variety of healthy foods while they are young. (See the reference below on the latest study in this area, quoted from the Wisconsin Medical Journal.)

JUST TASTE lists 100 fruits, vegetables, nuts, and legumes that provide nutritious alternatives to unhealthy and fast food choices. JUST TASTE is an educational and fun activity and effectively complements the JUST RUN program. Children and parents, as well, are encouraged to study the wealth of information on the website and to “JUST TASTE” as many of the healthy foods as possible.


Click the Banana to view fruit choices

Click the Veggie Bowl to view vegetable choices

Click the Nuts to view nut choices

Click the assorted Legumes to view legume choices

Students should use the JUST TASTE form, found in the Forms section of the JUST RUN website, to record which of the 100 food choices they have JUST TASTED and studied. When their forms are 70% complete, they are eligible for the JUST TASTE Superstar Certificate of Achievement! Leaders can download the Certificate by clicking HERE. Just type in the child's name and print it out.


ake a food from the list
Ask a parent to buy it for you (if possible)
tudy your selected food by using the JUST TASTE web links
your class/parents why it is good for you
at if by itself or in a recipe

ake a food from the list
Ask your class to report on the selection
tudy the selected food by using the JUST TASTE web links
your students why it is good for them
at it by itself or in a recipe

Take a food from the list
sk your child to shop for it with you
Study the selected food with your child using JUST TASTE web links
your child why it is good for them
Eat it by itself or in a recipe

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Before you taste, particularly with nut and soy products, make sure that you have no allergies.  Also, with mushrooms, make sure they are store purchased and NOT picked in the wild.
Peanut                    Mushrooms

"Early Exposure to Fruits, Vegetables Shapes Future Dietary Habits, Study Finds

A study published in the Wisconsin Medical Journal suggests that regularly exposing children to fresh fruits and vegetables can encourage them to try more of these foods. Led by a research team at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, the study compared data on two groups of fourth-, seventh- and ninth-grade students.. Half of the schools participated in the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program, which provides funding to help schools offer fruit and vegetable snacks; the other half did not participate. After three months, the researchers found that the 784 students at schools in the program were more likely to try new vegetables at school, and twice as likely to try new fruits at school, as were students at the other schools. They suggest the findings affirm the importance of introducing children to fruits and vegetables as early as possible to increase the likelihood that they will select produce over other, less healthy options and the benefits could extend to the home after longer exposure to the program. (August 2008)."

JUST Deeds JUST RUN shirt front JUST RUN shirt back
In conjunction with running and physical activity, JUST RUN promotes good citizenship. Click HERE for the JUST DEEDS form. Click CERTIFICATES of CONGRATULATIONS to print for your students who accumulate mileage totals up to the marathon distance of 26 miles and have performed 26 acts of good citizenship, called JUST Deeds. When 50 miles have been run, participants in Monterey and other designated counties will receive a JUST RUN shirt.

Examples of JUST DEEDS (submitted by the children)

Helped my aunt close the door
Cleaned bathroom
Washed walls in bathroom

Being Responsible 
       Made my own lunch for school
       Picked up my place mats after dinner

Best Kid Ever
Gave my parents back rubs
Brotherly love
Helped my brother when he got hurt
Helped brother get soup at home
Helped brother get cereal
Helped my brother's pets
Bye-Bye Hair
Donated hair to Locks of Love
Got hair cut off for Locks of Love
Washed the car
Vaccumed car
Cleaned off the table without being asked
Helped clean the school yard after school
Did the family's dishes
Washed the dishes without being asked
Walked my dog
Helped my family pick things up around the house
Following School Rules
Two students remembered the school rule to not enter a classroom without the teacher being present. As a result the two students were rewarded with fruit from their teacher.
Getting Rid of Evidence
Helped mom shred papers
Helped Grandma get to the bathroom
Helped in a Group Run
Placed water bottles out so people could use them
Helped in the Running Group
Taught the class running group some new stretches and exercises that everyone really liked
Helped the Teacher Clean the Classroom
Helped clean the classroom at lunch time
Helped blow off driveway
Helped someone at the store
Helped someone get a straw
Did my homework without being asked
Vacuumed house
Made my own breakfast
I Helped my Little Sister with her Homework
Every night after dinner I helped Paxton with her homework
Love Everyone
Helped with Thanksgiving meal
Love my Dogs
Changed dog's water
Love my Grandma
Helped my Grandma
Mom's Helper
Helped Mom bake
Helped Mom with food at the store
Helped Mom sort out food
Mommy the Great
helped my Mom with the plants
Mowed the Neighbor's Lawn
Mowed the nieghbor's lawn and didn't ask for money.
My Amazing Big Brother Skills
Put milk in ceral for little brother
Helped with gardening
Parents' Bed
Made parents' bed without being asked
Practiced piano without being asked
Made pies for the needy
Read to my little brother
Cleaned my room without being asked
Showing Mom I Care
Helped Mom take bags to her car trunk
Helped my sister sweep the floor
Stamped books at Pacific Grove Middle School for free
Store Help
Put back yellow cartons at store
Students Followed Up On Homework Assignment
Two students followed up on their homework assignment when they discovered that the teacher had accidently assigned the wrong homework page.
Set the table without being asked
Took Out The Trash
Took out the trash at a fast food place
Took out the trash at home
Took Care of Baby
Took care of baby brother in an emergency when mother had to go to hospital.
Vacuumed friend's house
Volunteer Work at a Soup Kitchen
Provided food for the homeless at Dorothy's Kitchen in Salinas.
Volunteer Work at the Big Sur Half Marathon
Gave water and food to runners at the end of the race.
Volunteered To Set Up for Kinder Concert
Spent two hours of volunteer time helping set up and decorate the stage for a Kinder Concert at school.
Walked nieghbor's dog for free