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Advice from a Successful Program - Junipero Serra

Advice from a Successful Program - Junipero Serra

Brittany Davis, a CSUMB student helping with the Junipero Serra program and Shannon Dunne-Gamble, the JUST RUN leader developed a relay program that the children enjoyed and "asked for more". Its based on the Coach Sevene drill package and keeps things fun while emphasizing agility, balance, and several movements.

First put 5 or 6 cones evenly spaced over a certain distance. (They used about 100 yards)

Break the children up evenly into teams depending on how many cones you are using. The children on a team should be same as the number of cones used. Have multiple teams.

Then place one child from each team at each cone.

You can invent different movements between each cone but we used the following:

  • From the first cone to the second cone they did high knees.
  • From the second cone to the third, the child at the second cone was lying on their back and when tagged they get up and will run backwards to cone three.
  • From cone three to cone four, the child at cone 3 will be kneeling on both legs and once they are tagged they get up and do "grapevine" (running sideways) to cone four.
  • From cone four to cone five the child at cone four is sitting and once tagged they get up and skip to cone 5.
  • From cone five to cone 6 the child at cone 5 will be on one knee and once tagged they will sprint to cone 6.
  • From cone six back to cone one the child will sprint and tag the next person.

Repeat this until everyone has done each station or as long as you please

A key thing to remember is once they tag a person they stay at that cone and wait to be tagged.

To help out too we also had a parent at each station to help the children. For example, make sure the kids stay at the cone, make sure they are laying or sitting or whatever and to remind them what they are suppose to do i.e. run backwards, skip etc.