How To's for Teachers

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Once your school is registered and approved, The JUST RUN Across the USA web-app will help you track the students and manage the logging process so it can be quick and efficient or detailed by student depending on your needs. 

Below you will find How-To's explaining the key functions that will keep your program running smoothly as your kids are off and running!

How to add children to your group

1. Nickname (The nickname helps to diferentiate between two kids with the same first name ex: José G and José H.)

2. First Name

3. Last Name

4. Shirt Size

5. Class

6. Click on the Save button to finish adding the student.

  • Click on Add New to enter the next student.
  • You can import a list of multiple students using the spreadsheet form by clicking on the Import Students button associated with the class.
How to Record Mileage for Your Group

There are a couple of different ways to log miles for your students:

1. Student by Student in a class

2. All students in a class

3. As a group - (NOTE: once you choose this option you can't go back to entereing miles student by student at the class level)

Here's how you can quickly enter miles for a single class:
  • Log into the Just Run web app.
  • Click on the Add Miles Now button under "Home".
  • Enter the date of the run.
  • Add a number of miles for ALL of the students in that class.
  • Click Update All.
  • Click Save.

Note: If you are assigned to more than one class, this will update ALL sutdents for all classes with the same miles. 

How to Record Mile Times

You may want to help your students see their time progress over the course of the program. You can capture new times and see the Best Time for each student.

  • Log onto the JUST RUN web app.
  • Click on Manage Miles & deeds Per Student in the top blue menu bar.
  • Click Add Times for one or more students right below the page title.
  • Set the date of the run
  • Add the times for each student — 2 dgitis for minutes:two digits for second EX: 09:43
  • Click Save

The students' Best Times will show up on the Manage Miles & Deeds page. 

How Incentive Awards are Tracked

As you log miles and deeds for the children in your group, cumulative totals will be tracked for each of them. Those totals will be used both to display progress on the JUST RUN Across the USA homepage for all participants to view, and to track incentive awards. At certain milage levels a "reward" may be earned. 

To review incetive award progress:

Red boxes with an E — students have reached a milage goal and Earned a reward, but not yet received it. The E boxes help you create a list for you to order, purchase, or make rewards for each student. Once you have given the students their rewards, update the report by clicking on Change earned rewards to received (blue box).

Green boxes with an R  mileage goals were achieved and the students have Received the award for that level. 

In designated counties only:

After the 1st and 15th of each month, JUST RUN program staff will ship awards earned to each school's coordinator.  If you autmatically receive awards, you do not have to update this form.  It will be automatically updated as the awards are processed and mailed.

Tips for Recording Mileage

Kids love to see improvement in their JUST RUN! running adventure.  Regularly updating the students' mileage through the web-app allows them to see their progress.

Log all mileage that a student either run or walked during their JUST RUN! workout. Biking or other sports which are other great activities, don't count for the JUST RUN! program tally. 

On days when you do drills rather than lap or track running/walking, simply estimate the distance that the students have covered. A good guide is one mile for each 15 minutes of continued relays and/or drills.

Mileage a child runs with their parents is counted double! Encourage families to run togeether. You can print up Running Logs from the Forms Section