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How do I get started?
Can the JUST RUN program be implemented in any location?

Yes - JUST RUN has been implemented successfully in 37 states and 5 foreign countries.

Do we need to pay a fee to register for the program?

No. JUST RUN is absolutely free. We provide the website-based program, advice, leader manuals and support free of charge. We provide incentives and shirts to schools in Monterey, Santa Clara, and parts of Santa Cruz counties. Schools and youth organizations outside of these CA counties must provide their own or take advantage of the online Mileage Incentive Cards found in the Forms section of the website.

If I am interested, does my whole school have to implement JUST RUN?

No. One teacher or leader in a school can implement JUST RUN for their own class or multiple classes. The entire school does not have to participate.

Can I register at any time or only at the beginning of the school year?

You can register at any time during the year. Summer programs are possible. Many schools register in August or September and some in February or March due to the weather in their locales. In mid-August we delete names and mileage in preparation for the new school year.

If I have students participating in my classroom JUST RUN program AND in the after school program, how should mileage be recorded?
Mileage should be recorded by one teacher/leader; we suggest the classroom teacher. Have the children request a regular mileage update from their after school JUST RUN leader to return to you for inclusion in their classroom mileage achievements. Incentives should be awarded in the classroom but acknowledgement of miles run should still be recognized by the leader in after school award ceremonies.
How do I compare my class's accomplishments with the other classes in my school?
Go to www.justrun.org and click on JUST RUN Across the USA/Europe. Scroll down and you will see the complete list of participating schools and classes/groups. Their total number of children and miles logged are indicated. If you prefer to see only the schools in your region, find your region by scrolling down "Region" in the green box on the JUST RUN Across the USA site. Click on your region and only the participating schools in your area will be revealed.
My school cannot afford to buy incentives. How should we award the kids?

Due to financial constraints, JUST RUN cannot provide incentives to schools and groups outside of specific locales. However, in the FORMS section, leaders can download and print the Mileage Incentive Cards to give to their deserving students at designate mileage accomplishments. Another idea is to purchase various colored ribbons to designate mileage accomplishments. What is most important is to recognize your kids' accomplishments in front of their peers. Have award ceremonies and have the children come to the front of the group to receive their Mileage Cards or awards; this is a very effective motivator and instills pride in accomplishment. Many schools request money for awards from the school's PTA and/or have local businesses/organizations sponsor or donate awards.

What are JUST RUN Chapters?

Chapters are independently operating JUST RUN programs. They have either own administrator and have licensed the program. Unless you are located in their territories (Albany, NY, Miami Lakes, FL, or Lake County, OH) you register as a school or youth organization as specified on the JUST RUN website.

If I live in Monterey County, or another designated county, will incentives be sent to me?

Incentives are automatically sent to you at your school site, following the 1st and 15th of each month.  Contact the JUST RUN director if you do not recieve the school/organization's earned awards in a timely manner.

Do I have to be a P.E. teacher or a runner to implement JUST RUN?

No. JUST RUN is turn-key and easy to implement by any teacher or leader.  Everything necessary to conduct a successful program is on the website and in the Leader Manual. The manual is sent to you after you register for the program. Most of our leaders are not P.E. teachers or runners.  Parents often assist with classroom programs or by forming recess or after school running clubs.

Do I have to do JUST DEEDS and JUST TASTE to participate?

JUST RUN is the physical activity component.  JUST DEEDs, our good citizenship component, and JUST TASTE, our nutritional component, are optional.

Are races a part of the JUST RUN program?

JUST RUN is an ongoing school and youth group program. Races are not a part of the program but we encourage you to find races in your area that are appropriate for children. They are great goals for your kids and excellent supplements to the program. The mileage counts as well!

When we do JUST RUN drills and relays how do I record those activities as mileage in the Run Across the USA program?

If the children are active and moving for 15 to 20 minutes during your JUST RUN session, you may award each of them a mile. 

Is walking counted as mileage?

Yes. We encourage walking as well as running. 15 to 20 minutes of brisk walking counts for a mile. 

Can biking, soccer, and mileage in other sports count in the JUST RUN program?

No. We encourage children to be as active as possible, but only mileage on foot during a running or walking session in or out of school should be counted in the Run Across the USA program. 

How do I enter mileage and JUST DEEDS into the JUST RUN Across the USA program?

The step-by-step instructions are on the website in the Quick Start section and in HELP (Teacher and Leader Guide).

Can I let children enter their own miles and JUST DEEDS?

We request that teachers/leaders or assistants record mileage. This eliminates errors and ensures that the correct mileage is added. 

Is there a limit on the number of children I may add to my group?

No, but if you have more than 30 participants, we recommend that you divide them into smaller groups. Larger groups, if running regularly, will get across the USA on their virtual runs too quickly.  Additionally, more than one group creates competition to see "who can get across the USA" first! For example, you could divide your group into boys vs. girls or 4th vs. 5th grade. 

Several teachers from my school want to participate. Does each of us have to submit the Volunteer Application and Liability Release form?

Only one representative from your school needs to submit the Volunteer Application/Liability Release Form. That teacher will be the school's "Leader."  They simply include a list of the additional teachers' names, email addresses, and grade levels on the form. All of the indicated classes will be added to the database. 

Are parents required to sign permission slips before their children can participate?

JUST RUN does not require permission slips. If a school opts to have permission slips signed, it is their decision. 

I have neither time nor help to count laps. How can I keep track of children's mileage?

Measure the distance around your track or field. Have each child run twice around, for example. Some will finish sooner but all will have run or walked the same distance. When recording mileage simply multiply the course/track distance by the number of days run; enter the same mileage for all participants. Or, have the kids run (run/walk) for 15 minutes and record a mile for each.

I don't have time to add names and mileage. Can my class still be added as a group and "run across the USA?"

It takes approximately10 minutes to add a group of kids to the database. The children enjoy having their "own page" to review their personal accomplishments. The computer program tallies mileage and it takes less than a minute to enter additional mileage for all children in the class/group. However, your class may certainly be entered as one group. This is an option when your class or group participate in JUST RUN.

Are there video tutorials for the Run Across the USA app?

Yes! Click here to find video tutorials ranging from an overview of the JUST RUN! Website to how to use the web-app once your school has registered for the Run Across the USA program.