Just Run Testimonials

  • Nancy Kotowski, Just Run

    Nancy Kotowski, Ph.D, Mty Cty Superintendent of Schools, at the two million mile celebration congratulating students

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What I have noticed most about our students is the excitement and joy they have developed for JUST RUN. Every day we head out for P.E. I am asked the same question. “Are we doing JUST RUN?” In my opinion, this program is wonderful and should be used at all schools. A few of my students are not your typical runners. They either have a weight problem, or other physical difficulties, but this doesn’t stop them. They either run as much as they can or they walk. Thebest part is, they never give up. They keep moving no matter what. The students have become stronger runners and they are so proud when they find out they have completed anothermile or that they are able to run more laps then the week before. I am so thankful for this program and for Kevin R. who brought JUST RUN to our school.

Suzann, Third Grade Teacher, Santa Lucia School

I consider myself very fortunate to be part of the JUST RUN Program.  This is an excellent program that motivates students, teachers, parents and community members to practice physical fitness on a daily basis.  In my kindergarten class JUST RUN is part of our daily routine.  My students can't wait for this part of the day; running is an important part of their lives.  Kids are starting to understand the importance of doing exercise to keep themselves healthy.

Ana, Kindergarten Teacher, Prunedale, CA

I am glad that my class had the opportunity to be part of the Just Deeds component of JUST RUN. When the students are good citizens, they are also motivated to be better students that work very hard to accomplish their assignments. They are also more organized, and the classroom environment is very pleasant. The students respect each other and help one another! I am looking forward to being part of JUST RUN in the future.

Enelidia, First Grade Teacher, Monterey County, CA

This program provided regular cardiovascular exercise for the students while building their sportsmanship and perseverance. These two qualities have transferred easily from outside the classroom to inside the classroom. Just Run also allowed some students who often struggle inside the classroom to shine outside of the classroom. Just Run encouraged me to be a model for my students and get out there and run myself.

Courtney T. Santa Rita 1st Grade Teacher

All students improved and those students who were hanging their heads are now holding them high. They have learned determination and perseverance through the JUST RUN program. Not only has this program helped the students get/stay fit, it bolstered their confidence. The students learned to take pride in themselves and their growth. They were constantly cheering each other on and pushing each other to do better each time.

Carly O. Santa Rita 2nd Grade Teacher

There were many things that I found were beneficial to using this program in my class. First, it got the students excited to run. Doing this allowed them to see how exercise can be fun. Second, it calmed my class down a lot when we came in for the last part of our day. Third, it created a fun sense of competition in class with students trying to get faster times than others. It was so sweet to see the good sportsmanship and kindness they showed each other both on and off the track. This program has been great for my students socially, emotionally, as well as beneficial to their health.

Sophia N. Santa Rita Kindergarten Teacher

The most wonderful part for me as the teacher, is how much more focused the students are after they come back from PE and have run in the afternoon.

Jessica P. Elkhorn Kindergarten Teacher

Teachers that I have never seen come outside are often coming out and running/walking with their students. This lets the teacher have a new experience with their students and see a different side of them.  The teachers get to see students that are low academically and have a hard time staying on task thrive in a physical activity setting. This part of the running program has been invaluable.

Ralph F. Fremont PE Teacher

Another benefit of being part of this program is parents’ involvement. At first, parents did not like the idea of having their child run each morning. I invited them to join us running each morning and their comments changed after a month from negative to “I love it. This is good for them and for us too.” Those parents started questioning why other classes do not run if it is good for students’ health!

Maria F. Dr. Oscar F. Loya 1st Grade Teacher

I have one student in particular that is physically overweight. However, she loves being part of the Just Run activities. During distance running at the beginning she would be the last one to complete her laps. I began walking and jogging with her to keep her motivated; she began picking up her pace. One of my favorite moments during this program was when most of the class had completed their distance running laps and we were waiting on her to complete her last lap. As she had a quarter of a lap left, all of my students began chanting her name and she picked up her pace and sprinted to the finish line. The look on her face as she finished her last lap was priceless, she looked so happy. I was so proud of her and my students for being positive and cheerful.

Cristina C. Fremont 2nd Grade Teacher