Just Run Testimonials

  • Nancy Kotowski, Just Run

    Nancy Kotowski, Ph.D, Mty Cty Superintendent of Schools, at the two million mile celebration congratulating students

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JUST RUN has made running a fun thing to do! I love that the kids are getting great exercise since I know many of them don't get it at home.  I also encourage healthier eating as we are exercising as a class.  I see a great improvement in concentration and constructive energy after they run.  This is a great program and I am so happy I joined.

Kelly, Elkhorn School, CA

The JUST RUN Program has been a very positive experience for me and my class of 26 third graders.  Many of my students are eager to go up to our track to run.  A few of them pace with each other (or complete with each other).  I predict a few of them have the makings for marathon runners!  In addition to this, it has been a good tie-in with a science unit I am teaching on nutrition and healthy habits.  Also, many parents are happy to know their children are picking up healthy habits.

Mary, Third Grade Teacher

This organization does everything that the children of today need. It gives them a reason to get up and give it their all each day, it helps them set goals for themselves and see them met, it encourages helpful deeds amongst their peers, it encourages them to keep track of their progress as compared to their goals, and it encourages heathy lifestyle choices like good nutrition. These are just some the reasons why I love this JUST RUN club so much. It is making a huge difference at our school.

Mary, Second Grade, Bishop School

I am so glad that I signed my class up to do JUST RUN and I took on being the leader of the program at our school! It feels great to know that I am a big reason for so many students being excited to be walking and running. Parents, students, and teachers are all benefiting from the JUST RUN program, physically and mentally. Students are excited to get their incentives and are motivating their families to get out and exercise together. I have parents sending me notes and texting me that their families now go walking together because of the JUST RUN program. Doing JUST RUN during PE also helps with PE time management, which is nice for the teachers like me. I am very happy my school and class are a part of the JUST RUN program!

Cassandra, Second Grade Teacher

Participating in the JUST RUN Program has been a very positive experience for me and my kindergarten class.  Physical Education is an important daily activity.  By participating in this program I saw myself taking the students out for P.E. more regularly.  I was also able to observe children become motivated to run every day.  Students built their endurance by being consistent with the JUST RUN Program.  They look forward to this part of the day. Students are forming habits that lead to healthier lifestyles.  JUST RUN had an impact on my students; when asked to run three laps around the track, one of my students ran seven laps!  This shows how exited my students are about running.  The JUST RUN Program should be implemented in every school!

Juana, Kindergarten Teacher, Monterey County, CA

My experience with this program has been great.  The website is easy to use and the parents love to see how their child is doing and love that we are implementing a love of running.  Half of the kindergarten students in my class are overweight and some obese.  This has helped them feel good about themselves and try to run or walk quickly to log their miles. Thank you for having this program to help our students move.

Tiffany, Kindergarten Teacher, Monterey County CA

The kids are running more than ever with JUST RUN!  It is wonderful to have a goal and a way to track students’ overall progress. The kids are telling me they are getting their parents to walk with them.  In addition when we are running as a class there is motivation to count their laps for a goal that is long term and outside of school.  There are so many features of the program I am beginning to delve into. They have been recording their mile times on paper and setting goals for themselves.  The kids are enthusiastic to help their families and earn Just Deeds. I am seeing so much overall motivation and excitement. Thank you for getting this into our schools!

Birch, Sixth Grade Teacher, Elkhorn School, CA

I can’t express enough how participating in the JUST RUN Program has changed what was a “difficult class” to a more focused class, and balanced learning environment in the classroom. I have a few students who regularly got in trouble on an hour-to-hour basis. The running has helped them tremendously with their attitude in class, and has given them a sense of accomplishment as they gain mileage. I run at lunch and invite students to join me. This has built a great camaraderie between the students, and a little competition, as well as for me!

Linda, Fifth Grade Teacher, Dr. Martin Luther King School, Alisal

It was really exciting to implement the Just Deeds this semester. In the past I have always stuck to just logging miles and the students would always ask what are deeds and how do we get them? Now I fully explain, teach, and implement the Just Deeds portion in my daily schedule. Once the kids learned what they were they took off doing deeds. A few students had trouble with responsibility and doing them at home so I helped them get set up doing them at school. These students in particular learned about responsibility in general and how they can make their school a better place. My Aha moment during this process was when students finished their Just Deeds, all 26 of them and they asked me if they can do more just deeds without having to log them! 

Jennifer, Fourth Grade Teacher, Monterey County

I will, for sure, do the JUST RUN program with my students next year. It is a wonderful program. My students also enjoy visiting the website and seeing their name and shoe move across the map. They also like clicking on the links to visit the various places highlighted on the map.

Jon, Fourth Grade Teacher, Santa Lucia